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Nick Banks

In over 25 years of business management I have spent much of my career as a serial entrepreneur, a senior executive and a trusted consultant.

I have worked for established companies managing multi-million dollar business to business sales transactions to start-ups bootstrapping themselves from just an idea. In all roles I have demonstrated problem solving, strategic capabilities and the proven ability to develop and lead teams of people.

I love designing alternative strategic plans by spotting relevant patterns and developing innovative and imaginative solutions. Comfortable working with C-level executives to develop solutions while able to communicate effectively at all levels.

I provide a solid blend of sales, marketing and general management skills, coupled with keen analytical skills, an obsession for the customer, an understanding of technology from the client’s perspective and an ability to make tough decisions. Life long learner with strong technology aptitude and enjoys the challenge of building new or turning around existing businesses..

My Legacy Book

Learn the 6 steps to design your financial future. This is literally the playbook, the map, the step-by-step guide for you to design your financial future.Wherever you stand today and whatever aspirations you have and want to leave, YOUR LEGACY can be designed and perpetuated by you reading MY LEGACY, the book.Love life today by receiving My Legacy FREE!
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What Could Go Wrong

It’s important to be ready for any hardships life may throw your way. Learn the events that can go wrong for real estate investors and what you can do to prepare for, mitigate or eliminate them. Get equipped with the understanding you need to embrace and await adversity so you are prepared to equip others.
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Launch of Portfolio Review

You have spent decades building, preserving and protecting your real estate portfolio. However, times have changed and markets are evolving to the point that in order to succeed, you need to evolve with them. The methods you have always used may not be the best methods to use now. It’s one thing to get into real estate, but it’s another to stay in it in a meaningful and profitable way.

Get Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio Reviewed for FREE!

LEGACY is introducing Portfolio Review – a real estate portfolio assessment service that is the first of its kind in Canada. This complementary service just launched and is available online only right now. At LEGACY, we care about your financial future and believe you should live yours by your own design.

We know investing in real estate is a more daunting task now than ever before. Portfolio Review will provide a second opinion to help you understand if you are in the right markets and if you are positioned to mitigate risks, leverage opportunities, and prosper now while building a LEGACY for future generations.

Our four promises to you:

  1. We’ll identify the dangers confronting your portfolio given the risks we see on our radar. From market and economic risks to political and housing risks, we’ll assess your portfolio using the data and research we have compiled.
  2. We’ll define and measure the opportunities within your portfolio that you may not be taking full advantage of (or even be aware of!) We’ll look at the market, economic, investor and international buying environments your portfolio is in to measure, gauge, respect and leverage them.
  3. We’ll assess the strengths of your portfolio so we can zero in and help you continue doing what works well in each market based on the latest financial metrics. We want to ensure your portfolio’s strengths keep serving you, not robbing you.
  4. We’ll take an expansive view of your portfolio, analyzing what it could look like in the long term. Your portfolio may be strong now, but we want it to be strong forever. Taking the dangers, opportunities and strengths we have identified into account, we’ll look at what your portfolio needs to survive and prosper for the next five, ten and more years.

By getting your portfolio reviewed by us, you’ll have what it takes to leverage it and succeed in real estate, now and in the future. This isn’t just a conversation about your portfolio – it’s a conversation about you AND your portfolio. We don’t want you to just live and lead a financial LEGACY, we want you to leave one.


RESAAS Services Inc. + REIN Announce Partnership


The future of real estate is here.

In partnership with RESAAS Services Inc., REIN is thrilled to announce we are developing an app that will allow real estate investors to discover and share real estate investment properties within the REIN network.

With the increasing demand for not only real estate information but real estate intelligence, the common methods for finding properties are becoming increasingly irrelevant. With our app, slated for release in late 2018, you will have direct and convenient access to a network of investors and property listings on any mobile device. The app will present in 22 languages and opportunities are expressed in over 45 currencies.

The real estate world is evolving to the point that technology is a necessary part of doing business efficiently. (Anthony Donaghue’s Born2Invest article – “Is technology replacing real estate agents?” – is worth a read!) RESAAS is a cloud-based and blockchain technology platform that enables real estate brokerages, franchises and associations to bring real-time communication, new business opportunities and unique data to their agents on a global basis, making it a perfect partner for our app. We are excited to be utilizing RESAAS technology to give you more power over your own portfolio.

As technology continues to advance, we want to be on the cutting edge of change and are looking forward to sharing this new platform with you.


What Could Go Wrong: Disaster-proofing Your Life


Adversity can strike at any time. Whether it is emotionally, physically, financially or intellectually, adverse events don’t schedule themselves into our lives. They don’t knock on the door and ask us if we’re ready to have our world turned upside down, politely turning away when we say “no thanks”. While we may not want to think about it, the reality is that bad things do happen. Although we aren’t able to predict the future, we can prepare for it to help shield ourselves from the impact of life’s hardships.

What Could Go Wrong is a must-read for real estate investors that will help them disaster-proof their lives. Based on extensive research, this set of statements on the adverse events that can measurably and calculably happen in your life will enable you to prepare you for the worst. It discusses events that commonly go wrong for real estate investors and will equip you with the understanding you need to embrace and await adversity, as well as the ability to equip others with the same insight and preparedness.

Although some things are out of our control, having a plan isn’t. By being unprepared, you are setting yourself up to fail. What Could Go Wrong covers everything from assessing your financial fitness to ensuring you have the proper insurance. Developing a plan will allow you to respond promptly and optimally to hardships, mitigating their negative effect on your life and possibly even eliminating some adversities before they occur.

To receive a PDF of What Could Go Wrong and start disaster-proofing your life today, click here.


Why We Must Celebrate Real Estate Entrepreneurs


Did you know according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), nearly 50 percent of Canadian rental properties are held by independent investors?

Real estate entrepreneurs are the backbone of the rental market, providing housing supply and fueling the economy. However while these investors should be celebrated, being a real estate entrepreneur can be an unpredictable and underappreciated role.

Real estate entrepreneurs are every day Canadians who have taken risks to gain control of their financial futures, yet changes to government policies have unfairly placed them under attack. They are painted as “greedy” when in reality, they are simply trying to support themselves and reach their personal goals. Without the hard work and dedication of real estate entrepreneurs, we would face a rental crisis throughout the country. We are fortunate to have them and they deserve our full appreciation and support.

To read Don R. Campbell’s full article Why We MUST Celebrate Real Estate Entrepreneurs in Canada, please click here.


How Blockchain & AI Will Reshape Real Estate


Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are reshaping the real estate industry by increasing transparency, efficiency and accuracy while reducing risks and unnecessary costs.

According to a recent article in The Financial Post, “How blockchain and artificial intelligence will reshape real estate”, new technology will change the way real estate operates by making data easily accessible to interested parties. Blockchain aggregates information about a property, from previous owners to structural details, cutting down on wasted time and money by eliminating intermediaries.

Machine learning algorithms also improve predictive analytics by eradicating human error and bias when determining the value of a property. Accuracy is especially important, amplifying the need for high quality algorithms and data that blockchain can provide. According to The Financial Post, AI is a replication of how the human brain operates, so it strongly relies on this data in order to be effective.

As much as blockchain and AI are taking over the real estate industry and real estate professionals need to ensure they are prepared, it is understandable that people still have a lot of questions and uncertainty. Real estate is an industry full of emotions and many wonder how AI could ever truly replace this. How do you feel about blockchain and AI? Are you prepared to embrace it or do you need to learn more before you will be ready to utilize it?


Is Blockchain the Sleeping Giant Of Commercial Real Estate


Blockchain could take over the commercial real estate industry because it allows for seamless and secure transactions, offering a level of transparency and efficiency that is especially important in real estate.

Commercial real estate services company Cushman & Wakefield recently reported that while the adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency in commercial real estate is still in its early stages, it is expected to become widely adopted in the next decade. According to the company’s Americas Head of Research Revathi Greenwood, “As operational hurdles are addressed, convergence with other technologies grows and questions over scalability are answered, we expect blockchain to influence and impact commercial real estate across several verticals.” Cushman & Wakefield says that blockchain could improve asset management, property searches and smart contracts.

Now is the perfect time to embrace this new technology so you can prepare yourself for what the future holds for commercial investors. Blockchain increases stability and productivity, and enhances everything from due diligence to lease management, which will impact the commercial real estate sector on a global level.


Blockchain’s Impact on Real Estate in 2019


As we approach the end of 2018, LEGACY is preparing for the changes facing the real estate industry in 2019.

Canada is currently experiencing a massive intergenerational wealth transfer and people are investing in real estate more than ever before. Digitization – including blockchain, cryptocurrency and Artificial Intelligence – is lending itself to this movement and transforming the way business is done in the real estate industry.

Forbes reports that blockchain will revolutionize real estate in the new year through tokenization, smart contracts and property title.

  • Tokenization allows investors to buy or sell off their share in a property, which is stored as a token on the blockchain. It also provides investment opportunities to people who may not have been able to invest otherwise by enabling them to buy smaller shares.
  • Smart contracts eliminate intermediaries by allowing transactions to be completed directly between the buyer and seller. This saves time, reduces costs and prevents fraud.
  • Blockchain can consolidate property data, allowing buyers to efficiently research a property’s history. According to Forbes, this could potentially wipe out the need for title insurance – saving investors additional time and money.

LEGACY is forward-thinking and focused on helping investors embrace the future in order to grow and bolster their portfolios. We’re keeping an eye on blockchain’s growing role in real estate transactions and are eager to utilize (and share) its advantages.

To read the full Forbes article, “Three Ways Blockchain Technology Will Revolutionize Real Estate in 2019”, please click here.

LEGACY is the world’s first Real Estate Investment Advisory company. We are a full-service firm that helps you find yourself benefiting from the results of meeting your financial goals.

Our unique & proprietary process defines, shapes and configures one’s financial future by design achieved through profiling, planning, preparing and partnering inside the realm of real estate.

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Artificial Intelligence – Transforming & Enhancing Real Estate Transactions


As we move further into the Futurization of Real Estate, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming and enhancing real estate transactions for both buyers and real estate professionals.

Merriam-Webster defines Artificial Intelligence as “the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behaviour.” According to CNBC, AI is the latest competition for real estate agents. While real estate has always been very relationship-driven, computers can process and analyze thousands of data points, targeting and assisting buyers in a way that humans can’t. AI improves efficiency, reduces costs, and can act as a round-the-clock source of information and support.

However, many people still prefer to deal with an actual person when purchasing a property. For that reason, AI is very effective when it is utilized together with real-life agents. AI can also assist agents themselves by automating work and increasing productivity.

How LEGACY Is Embracing AI

LEGACY’s Artificial Intelligence Digital Advisor (AIDA) is our way of utilizing AI to assist you and our LEGACY Real Estate Investment Advisors (LREIAs). AIDA is on every LREIA’s Personal Marketing Page to direct visitors, answer questions, and identify each person’s unique interests and needs.

LEGACY is the world’s first Real Estate Investment Advisory company. We are a full-service firm that helps you find yourself benefiting from the results of meeting your financial goals.

Our unique & proprietary process defines, shapes and configures one’s financial future by design achieved through profiling, planning, preparing and partnering inside the realm of real estate.

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